EU Code Week ’19

Invited by MON

Me and Lyubo were among the few people invited to this event. The chosen people were to present their projects in front of the European Commissioner Maria Gabriel in Brussels.

We had to present LuncherBox as this was our most finished project.

A couple of days prior to our flight (which was graciously covered by MON, as well as our hotel accommodations), we were competing in a 48-Hour Hackathon that we won 1st place at.

On the first day of our trip we didn't have much time, but we did squeeze in a small walk around the city center.

On the second (and last) day we first got to visit a bunch of cool places, some of which include the European Parliament and the Parlamentarium.

After that we got to present our projects in front of Maria Gabriel.

We met a lot of cool people during the small time (2 days) that we were in Brussels. Overall it was a unique experience for me.